Science and Technology + Art and Style = Outer Vision

Whether you are looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses or an entire optical wardrobe to complement your lifestyle, Outer Vision’s president, Phyllis, will provide you with her expertise, service, and care. Specializing in prescription and non-prescription eyewear impeccably designed to correct vision, fit comfortably on the nose, and flatter the face, Phyllis also does extensive work for people of color and special needs clients.

"A truly great pair of glasses is your most important fashion accessory. More than a watch, more than a pair of shoes, more than your favorite handbag, glasses are usually the first wardrobe item that people notice about you." — Phyllis Lubarsky

A trained optician and a foremost expert in the design and development of quality designer eyewear, Lubarsky's Outer Vision has been leading the way for men and women since 1978. Lubarsky has perfected her craft over the past three decades, developing a unique process that utilizes digital imaging, modern technology, and proprietary software that enables her to work down to a half of a millimeter to create the ultimate customization for her clients. Nothing but high end quality lenses and frames are used.

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Introducing Phyllis Lubarsky